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Bryan Allred

Software development is so much more than a job when you absolutely love what you do and are surrounded by colleagues who are just as enthusiastic.

Technical Skills

  • Likes: c# go ruby rust
  • Dislikes: assembly sharepoint salesforce

Technical Architect


TrueTandem, LLC, August 2019 to Current

A government contract tracking and notification system built upon Azure.


TrueTandem, LLC, December 2016 to May 2018

  • Open source prototype aimed to replace the data collection portion of the Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) application
  • ReactJS with Redux used to construct user friendly and intuitive web application.
  • Go RESTful API to handle session authentication, persistence, validation, and extension to third party functionality.
  • Multiple authentication methods supported: Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA), SAML, OAuth, and basic authentication.


Ignition72, March 2018

  • SharePoint online customized theme
  • Integration with Delve providing an interface to view employees with quick search capabilities
  • JavaScript plug-in to provide agenda view of multiple Office 365 calendars
  • Customized global search mixing SharePoint Online content and on-premise content in a digestible manner

FedRAMP Dashboard

TrueTandem, LLC, August 2016

  • Open source dashboard developed with maximum transparency hosted at GitHub and work coordinated through Taiga
  • User driven design guided the development and workflow
  • HTML 5 client storage to minimize bandwidth usage
  • Dynamic exports of filtered data using the Papa Parse library
  • Filtering provided by two-way binding coupled with responsive design created an easy user interface
  • Live documentation, unit tests, and code coverage provided on demand
  • U.S. Web Design Standards

Prototype for Agile Delivery BPA for the General Service Administrations

TrueTandem, LLC, May 2016

  • Practiced test-driven development while maintaining a code coverage equal to or greater than 80 percent.
  • Configured automation of builds, test suites, and deployment leveraging the Wercker service.
  • Responsible for Go server back-end to be compiled as both a standalone program but also capable of integration with the Google AppEngine infrastructure.
  • Worked with UX team to use a lightweight and clean design using Bootstrap.
  • Graphing of FDA public data through varying combinations of the following open source technologies:
  • DataTables
  • Dimensional Charting
  • D3 and NVD
  • Crossfilter
  • Hogan
  • Google Maps API

Senior Developer


Transurban, LLC, July 2018

  • Mobile application maintenance for native applications on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Develop automated regression test suites for mobile applications and back-end architecture.
  • Continued maintenance of AWS infrastructure leveraging services such as: Lamdba Functions, DynamoDB, RDS (PostgreSQL), Kinesis and Firehose, S3, SNS, and Device Farm.
  • Integration of Google Apps to assist in end-to-end testing of mobile applications with multiple factor authentication.

Stationing Tool for the U.S. Army Reserve

TrueTandem, LLC, June 2016

  • Modernized web application from simple ASP.Net web forms to AngularJS and Bootstrap with Microsoft SharePoint back-end.
  • Reduced myriad of used programming languages to C#, Javascript, and T-SQL.
  • Use of OpenXml for document generation.
  • Took part in refactoring of latest OpenXml source to be compatible with the .NET 3.5 framework due to a long standing bug in the Microsoft Core Framework.
  • Interfaced with geospatial data served through a GeoServer instance.
  • Rendering maps and additional layers using a combination of Leaflet and OpenLayers and through a custom proxy implementation to Bing and GeoServer API's.

Project Documents for the U.S. Army Reserve

TrueTandem, LLC, January, 2016

  • Converted legacy code base (10+ years from date of contract) from Java with an Oracle database to C# with a Microsoft SQL database.
  • Increased long running process execution by an order of magnitude by refactoring logic to perform aggregated calculations at the data level reducing chatter across the wire.
  • Translated report templates and generation from PowerBuilder to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Designed the web application front-end with AngularJS and Bootstrap with a Microsoft SharePoint back-end.

Individual Training and Readiness System for the U.S. Army Reserve

TrueTandem, LLC, January, 2016

  • Streamlined the ability to produce tabular or aggregate reports and dashboards.
  • Generic reporting of large data sets with filtering, sorting, and custom cells.
  • Incorporated ability to allow multiple graphs and charts to be associated to datum all of which is responsive to one another.
  • Full-featured SQL ad-hoc query builder dynamically displaying an authorized schema and providing parsing in to an AST, verification, and execution of one-time or previously saved queries.

Warfighter Application for Readiness for the U.S. Army Reserve

TrueTandem, LLC, January, 2016

  • Business data connections providing creation, update, and deletion against the database via stored procedures.
  • Collaborated on the construction of the dashboards to provide responsive graphing based on locale, organizations, positions or status, and more.
  • Provided a "no compiled code" solution taking advantage of JavaScript and back-end technologies provided by SharePoint 2010.

Software Developer


App47, Inc., 2016 to Current

  • High-level management and assessment tool comparing enterprise products in multiple dimensions: maturity, capacities, capabilities, utilization, risks, expenditures
  • Predictive analysis comparing the current implementation to a number of scenarios to assist in business decisions

Mobile Application Management for GE Healthcare

App47, Inc., 2013 to 2015

  • Practiced test-driven development while maintaining a code coverage (provided by CodeClimate and CircleCI) equal to or greater than 90 percent.
  • Unit testing of Javascript using Jasmine.
  • HTML5 mobile application store hosted on a Ruby on Rails platform with MongoDB for data storage and Redis used for cache and message brokerage.
  • Customer and device registration management for portable devices
  • Collaborated on re-instrumentation of download management for asynchronous processing.

Mobile Application Management for Caterpillar

App47, Inc., 2015

  • Prototype for HTML5 mobile application store utilizing Materialize
  • Assisted in application of geo-fencing to the base product so application or device management could be restricted according to physical locale.

ASP.Net MVC 5 web application for the National Association of Manufacturers


  • Designed and implemented user interfaces for desktop and mobile friendly environments.
  • Incorporated visualizations of relationships between organizations and individuals.
  • Customized information display and collection from third-party APIs such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google search.
  • Simplify and model data structures to the legacy system to allow for rapid prototyping and deployments.
  • Assisted in conversion from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 for internal workflows.

Custom SharePoint solutions for the U.S. Army Reserve

FedITC, LLC., 2013

  • Configured two-way data binding with external data sources to increase business intelligence.
  • Delivered a unique solution to allow editing of XFDL propriety forms using IBM Lotus Forms viewer with custom JavaScript to provide a complete in-browser experience.
  • Applied code abstraction for static analysis.
  • Created a domain model to provide LINQ to SharePoint access through strongly typed classes.
  • Gained familiarity with the Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0.
  • Provided a personalized "look-and-feel" with custom branding.
  • Generated a one-click installation utilizing the Windows Installer XML (WIX) toolset for MSI packaging.

E-Commerce Procurement System for the U.S. Army

FedITC, LLC., 2013

  • Delivered complete shopping cart system with custom workflow.
  • Developed a prototype to test the feasibility to store workflows in a database while maintaining state in a disconnected environment.
  • Created the mechanism to import large report files to be parsed and stored for future business intelligence gathering. This required the use of an asynchronous controller to handle long polling due to upload and processing times.

Human Resources Enterprise Management for the U.S. Army Reserve

DoubleApex, LLC., July 2013 to August 2014

  • Worked with the team to port the legacy system to a SharePoint web application.
  • On-demand SSIS jobs ran from SharePoint document libraries with real-time progress feedback.
  • Three-way merging of large data sets from multiple sources.

Unfunded Request System for the U.S. Army Reserve

DoubleApex, LLC., July 2013 to August 2014

  • SharePoint 2010 application using LINQ to SharePoint and SPMetal.
  • Optimized LINQ queries for large and complex data sets.

Serious Incident Report System for the U.S. Army Reserve

DoubleApex, LLC., July 2013 to August 2014

  • Provided a guided incident reporting utility.
  • Dashboards to highlight high priority items within the system.
  • Custom workflows to allow a complex feedback loop with multiple organizations and individuals.

Personnel Services Division

LJ Security Consultants, January 2009 to December 2013

  • Streamlined redundant administrative processes to assist in the reduction of paper consumption during the United

States Coast Guard conservation initiative.

Global Maritime Operational Threat Response Center

LJ Security Consultants, January 2009 to December 2013

  • Created a custom web application to deliver reports to global subscribers.
  • Provided a unique solution to track incident reports with the ability to dynamically generate numerous reports or view the incidents through a visual representation based on the given timeline.

Record Messaging System

Travis and Associates, July 2008 to January 2013

  • Played a large role in the design and engineering of the messaging solution infrastructure which replaced the previous Coast Guard Messaging System (CGMS).
  • Provided a secure and reliable messaging solution to support 1,400 organizations and 25,000 users processing a daily average of 2,000 unique messages.
  • Continuous profiling and optimizations performed to handle the large throughput and network activity.
  • Designed a tactical messaging solution to support intermittent network connections without degradation or loss of data.
  • Developed web based services to assist in the promulgation of common messaging functionality in a cloud environment.
  • Planned and co-developed a new data archiving system which stored a minimum of ten years of traffic. The system automated all data retrieval processes and with the development of custom caching algorithms allowed for quick searches on individual or related items.
  • Performed trend analysis for system behaviors and workloads to determine opportune maintenance periods.

Support and Logistics

Travis and Associates, July 2008 to January 2013

  • Created a web application and relational database to automate and validate various administrative tasks for the United States Coast Guard support and logistics department.
  • Designed a web application to blend with the current domain architecture which enabled the use of PKI certificates personalizing various administrative forms.

Communication Specialist

United States Marine Corps, June 2001 to July 2005

The Defense Messaging System (DMS) was to replace an antiquated system with commercial products extended by custom additions or overlays. Maintaining the system was our first mission, but soon we realized how much data was now available which wasn't attainable before. Metrics could be extrapolated to give a better understanding of our systems health and use which led me to the design and implement a program to collect metrics per each messages.

Computer Programmer

Caliber Technology Group, Inc., May 1997 to July 2001

Developed a computer program to interface with a flat database for simple inventory management.


2013 to 2014 - Certificate of Professional Development from University of Illinois

  • Python 1: Beginning Python
  • Python 2: Getting More Out of Python
  • Python 3: The Python Environment
  • Python 4: Advanced Python

2005 to 2009 - Computer Information Systems from Devry University

  • CGPA: 3.8
  • Dean's List: 7 semesters

2000 to 2001 - Computer Information Systems from Devry University

1998 to 2001 - General Diploma from Dobson High School

  • Air Force Junior ROTC


  • Certificate of Professional Development 2013 to 2014


  • First Computer: Commodore 64
  • Favorite Editor: vim or emacs (with evil-mode)