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Running my first ten miles

Ran my first ten (10) miles today. At the start of the year my goal was to be able to run for two hours straight in preparation for a 10k race. It just so happens my long run pace is between 11m30s and 12m30s (although my suggested long run pace is between 12m53s and 14m24s) which equates to essentially ten miles.

In hindsight I should have reached this goal last week, but I could not remember for the life of me what my weekly mileage was and so didn't want to push it. This week I did the math and I could have gone eleven miles and still be within my ten percent weekly delta in mileage.

As I sit here drinking a coffee waiting for my son I am internally telling myself I should have just pushed it to the eleven miles. Let me explain why I didn't in the moment.

  1. From the moment I woke up I felt dehydrated
  2. New socks with blisters from the last long run
  3. Potential for rain

Not completely sure as to why I was dehydrated but I was. I have been pounding water every day that week. Albeit Thursday night there were a few drinks with the guys, but I still drank roughly twenty ounces before calling it a night. Either way when I rolled out of bed at four in the morning my throat was parched. Usually on my runs I don't bring water with me but this may change in the future with something small. At the end of the run my lips were parched and the effects on the body were noticeable.

The long run last week left me with one blister per foot in two different places. They were all bandaged prior to the run, but I was wearing some new compression socks made to wick away the sweat. With this being the first time wearing them and reaching my goal it seemed best not to press my luck any further.

And finally there was a high chance of rain the longer I stayed out. It was already drizzling for the last three miles and felt like with the other two factors in mind this definitely would add another unknown variable.

It may be thought I am overthinking everything. You are probably right. Honestly, getting through the year with no, or minimal, injuries is my upmost goal because I just don't want to be couched for a period of time.